The Beauty of Therlain
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What if they get sad when we log off?
God finally done
Guilds senior members
Might shade later  
Pedopachy guild is now the Therlain guild
With Pokeball as our witness
We began anew

I love the wizard robe armor *v*


when u draw something and u hate it and everyone loves it

when u draw something u like and everyone ignores it

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So I’m a bit confused
Do not all the Demon wings flap, because I’ve seen some not doing it and its kinda confusing?

I can’t even log in for the stress test, Arrrrrrrg I’m pretty sure I know my login. 

You know when..



People in Mabi keep saying, you’re the first/second/third Canadian I’ve met so far!

Then we should saying, OH YOU’RE THE 357854TH AMERICAN I’VE MET SO FAR.

That sounds like a great Idea, though it is rare to find other Canadians. But I like this idea.

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So I heard there was a meme